Club Projects

This is the list of special focus areas for the Kite Club Cph, and in line with the KCC Club Rules DK. At club inception we ran a survey among people what the focus areas should be and the results were (top 3):

  1. Bringing together kite surfers socially
  2. Place to find companions for kite-themed travel
  3. Improvement of spot’s safety and convenience infrastructure

Each project can be in different stage of advancement.

Grand Opening of the SVP spot 2020

StateCancelled due to Coronavirus
Focused move to online activities with use of site and FB
Club focus areaBringing together kite surfers in in Copenhagen


Organize a get together on the SVP spot, when we get to know each other, catch a kite session together and also clean up the spot or install upgrades.


Pick a weekend in April/May, and get people together on a session with an intention to talk to and get to know fellow kiters. Go over spot together to swipe trash, remove line catching roots. Buy and install anchors (carabine) or mark rocks with buoys.

Installing live weather station on the SVP spot

StateIn dialog with authorities
Club focus areaImproving spot safety and convenience infrastructure
Sample weather station from Holfuy, with solar panel and GPRS.
Present state – forecasted wind, not real live data. Closest station is SWC which is unpredictably 20-40% off, or station in Sweden.


Installing a wind station transmitting live readings of wind strength, gusts and direction over the Internet. This is typical infrastructure on spots world wide, which are maintained by clubs and schools. Live data, unlike forecasted, tells exact values presently and historical (shows trend if wind is picking up or going down), allowing kiters to make safe choices – size of kite relative to wind strength, whether to begin or abandon session based on wind direction, whether wind is too gusty and dangerous, especially for a beginner etc. Live data is accessible online, e.g. a Swedish surf club is transmitting their data like this, available on mobile phones etc.


Hardware-wise there are complete solutions available like e.g. from Holfuy, or Leonardo is investigating a DIY station (inspiration). There is a price vs convenience balance.
We would need to get in touch with the Naturpark Amager about the intention and permission to erect a mast with the station on the SVP.
Funding wise, we would seek support from sponsors – in particular for the out-of-the-box weather station solution, or crowd-fund (from members and beyond).

Installing information boards on the SVP spot

StateIn dialog with authorities
Club focus areaImproving spot safety and convenience infrastructure
Example board from a kite school – simple, in context of immediate surroundings. Allows to navigate on the water.
Present information board – click to see full screen. Relevant area is tiny fraction of the map. Instructions talk about 200m zone along Kofoeds Enge.


Install a surfing- and location-focused, visual, contextual to the exact location, information board at the SVP spot – in fact 2 of them, 1 per access to the beach. Today some information is present as you can see above, hover this message reach is limited due to high level view and instructions – as a result despite ongoing efforts to spread the knowledge over Facebook – the message doesn’t reach 100% of the kiting community.

The new board would inform kiters about where and when to kite in simple visual ques. We would transfer the information from our SVP spot presentation. Beyond that, a reference to standard kitesurfing safety practices like hand signs, right of way etc for kiters, as well as for other users of the beach.


Contact Naturpark Amager and go into partnership. Naturpark Amager manages the land under the spot and represents the interest in protecting the wildlife, as well as it already installs information boards on its premises.