Kite Spots

Here you can find details on the kite spots used by the club – Sydvestpynten (SVP), Sylten and Poppelvej.

Take a detailed, interactive tour over the spots on Google Earth. Clicking on
“Presentation” in Earth will walk you through the spots features in logical order and extra description.

Sydvestpynten (SVP)

Sydvestpynten (SVP) kite spot
Sydvestpynten (SVP) spot – click to see full screen

You arrive at the spot from the Kalvebodvej, by car, or by bus 33, onto the parking.
Kiters get to the beach from two ends of the car parking, we called them spot A (left from the car park, over little bridge, with a small tree in the middle of the beach) and spot B (right from the car park, knees deep through the water puddle).
Spot is mostly shallow and flat, and very spacious. There are relatively few rocks in the water, but be aware there are some. Spot is adequate for wind from directions W, SW, NW and S.

SVP spot A – kite heaven

Beginners go to the N end of the spot – park your car at the deep end of the car park, go to spot B, turn right and 50-100m down the beach. You’ll have a lot of space at your disposal, with a shallow, flat water.

In between spot B and car park there is a water puddle, used by advanced kiters to practice tricks on always flat water. It’s narrow, crowded and people are doing (trying :)) tricks, so not recommended for beginners.

Water puddle to cross on the way to SVP spot B

Spot is located within Naturpark Amager, so it is important to respect the wildlife protection rules. In particular you can kite year round in directions W and NW from the spot, i.e. right from Kalvebodvej line – we called it the green zone.
South from SVP spot, i.e. left from Kalvebodvej line, close by the coast (200m – roughly distance to the boat wreck) it is only allowed to kite from July 15th to October 31st – we called it the red zone, for reference take the boat wreck as the distance from the shore where it is.
All rest we called the orange zone, and you’re allowed to kite there from April 1st to October 31st.
Take the Google Earth presentation at the top of the page for more detail.

The fence on the way to spot A, splitting the restricted (first 200m from the shore is red, after that the orange) zone from the green kiting zone.
Birds wildlife on SVP

There are no facilities on the spot.


Sylten kite spot
Sylten kite spot – Click to see full screen

Sylten or Cafe Sylten is a spot just outside Dragør. You arrive at a spacious car park and walk past the cafe (behind cafe looking from the parking lot) to the set up, launch and land zone. Some folks set up right by the water which may be okay if it’s few kiters only, but when it’s crowded, that place is a bottleneck with sharp bushes and we see tangled kites, cut lines and ripped canopies every season.

Spot is good for all flavors of S wind, but be aware of the ROCKS. There are many, big-ass rocks in the water, not marked (literally too many to mark them all) and depending on the tide can be sticking out 1m above water, or hiding just under the surface (the sea demands sacrifice from fins, boards and legs). For this reason it’s mostly good for calmer sessions for folks craving for some time on the water.

The café is a great feature of the spot. Warm inside, good food and drinks, little up class – so change first 🙂 When conditions are good, usually the business isn’t booming there, so to sustain symbiotic relationship between kiters and the café be sure to grab a bite or drink there – you can warm up when it’s cold and get some sun on a good day. You can meet a fellow kiter.

Sylten kite spot
Sylten kite spot


There are 2 small spots in little city Søvang, in between SVP and Sylten. One at the end of Poppelvej and one at the end of Søvej. Both are small niche spots, used occasionally by locals and more seasoned kiters. They are limited in popularity due to limited parking space, city around it, limited space to change and set up, and many rocks in the water. Sometimes it does have little stronger wind than Sylten.
Søvang is open from April 1st and Poppelvej only from July 15th – and both close on October 31st. Be mindful of people living in the area when you come here.

Søvang kite spot
Poppelvej kite spot
Poppelvej kite spot